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Buying a New Car -their are a few ways to Buy a New Car:

Car Dealership - This is the most common way to Buy a New Car is through a Car Dealership. Make sure you shop around and never pay the retail price. Dealers always have a margin to play around with (in simple terms the better you negotiate the better the price you will get). The only time this will not hold true is if the car is a new realease model and it's in High Demand. One of the best time to buy a new car at a car dealership is general towards the end of the month, this is because most car sales cosultants want to reach targets for the month (to get their bonus) and are more willing to give you a better car deal.

Car Broker - This method is becoming more popular, basically the car broker will find you the best deal possible. Always check where the fee is coming from, some car brokers will not charge you a fee, more than likely the car dealership gives the broker a spotters fee for referring a sale.

Lease/Fleet Company - This option is more for Business Owners who wants to claim the car for business use. You get a discount straight away because Lease and Fleet Companies get FLEET discount because of the volume of vehicles they purchase.

Salary Sacrifice Through work - Some people are lucky enough for their employers to offer a salary sacrifice scheme for a brand new car. The benefits is generally through Tax Savings. This will only hold true if you are in the higher tax bracket (Consult your Tax Agent and see if this is beneficial to your current salary). You will also get the benefit of a fleet discount because most companies will go through a Lease/Fleet Company.






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