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Buying a Used Car will need more effort compared to buying a new car. But if you do it correctly you have a great chance of landing a great used car deal. Their are a few ways to buy a used car:

Privately - let the used car sale search begin! most popular way to buy a used car is through a private sale. Back in the 90's (early to mid 90's anyway) you would generally go and buy a newspaper and searcg through the car classified ad's. As you know things have changed, all this can be done online. Do your research on the car you wish to buy. Plenty of car sales website to browse through to find sellers and reviews on cars. Compare the going price that way you have an idea if you can afford the car you like. Be thorough with your questions you ask the seller over the phone, that way you don't waste your time driving around visiting cars you are not inclined to consider.

Used Car Dealer - for some this might be the most convenient way to buy a used car, specially if you want to trade in your old car. If you buy a used car from a dealer you will atleast get the statutory minimum 3 months warranty for your car. Most cases though you pay a little more for a used car from a dealer than buying is through a private sale. (The Dealer will make a profit, other wise they won't be in business)

Car Auction - not for the faint hearted but definitely for the bargain hunters. This is truly the place to buy a used car and get a great car deal. You can snap up a 1 year old fleet car for a real good deal. This is where the small used car dealers get their stock from as well. Make sure you read the terms and conditions of the auction before you start bidding for your car.

Used Car Buying Check List:

1. Check REV's make sure no money is owing on the car.
2. Check when the REGO is up for renewal, you'll need to budget for this.
3. It's always a good idea to have the condition of the car checked over by a professional. It'll cost money to do this but it might save you more than a bundle in the future. You dont want to buy a LEMON!
4. Calculate the stamp duty you will need to pay for when you transfer the car over to your name, you'll need to budget for this. (Make this clear with a used car dealership when negotiating a price, see if you can get them to pay for it)
5. Bring some cash with you incase you need to leave a deposit.




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