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Getting approved for a Car Loan before shopping around for your car is a great Idea. Once you have your Car Finance organised it makes it easier for you because you already know how much you can borrow for the car. Car Loans can be pre approved for you over the phone.

Some Tips about Car Loans and Car Finance

1. Always Remember that Car Loan Interest Rates are Also negotiable.

2. Car Finance at the dealerships are available, if you are pre approved before going to the dealership and you know you have a good interest rate ask them to match it or beat the rate you we're pre-approved for. Most times the dealership will atleast match this rate. The bonus of getting your Car Loan from the dealership is that you get to take your car home sooner rather than later.

3. Always asked for any fees or charges included in the Car Loan as an example early payout fee. Sign-up fee, Some dealers might sneak this in with the "total loan" amount. Make sure you ask so you know exactly what costs are involved.

4. The longer the Car Finance period the more interest you pay, the common car loan period is usually between 3 to 5 years.

5. Bring pay slips with you if you are planning on getting your car finance with the car dealeship.





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