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1. Dealership - The most common way of buying a new or used car is through your local car dealership

2. Privately - The more common way of purchasing a used car is going through the classified ads and buying a car privately, plenty of online car classifieds these days so happy hunting.

3. Car Broker - Perhaps a convenient way of buying a car is using a car broker, able to get you a new car or used car deal

4. Auction - This method is for the bargain hunters but make sure you check the car before you buy from the auctions.

5. Lease/Fleet Company - Generally this method is good for companies who runs a fleet and changes cars regularly

6. Salary Package - for those lucky ones your work may allow you to package a car into your salary.

7. Online Purchase - where would we all be without the internet! you could basically buy anything legal online including cars, new or used.




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