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Buying a Car these days has never been easier, with all the Car Deals and Car Sales the dealerships are having almost every month you are sure to find a great deal.

In General the best Car Deals are during End of The Financial Year (The Month of June), at the End of the year (November, December) and the beginning of the Year (January, February). The main reason why Car Sales occur during the end and beginning of the year is because car dealers are trying to clear out old stock for new stock that has a newer compliance plate (or making way for new car models). This is pretty much the case for New Cars as opposed to Used Cars.

Before buying a car make sure you answer these questions to make your car buying process trouble free

1. How much can I afford to spend on a car?
2. Do I need Car Finance if so how much and should I have a deposit ?
3. What are the on-going costs and can I afford it (eg car servicing )?
4. How much is Car Insurance for the particular car you want to buy ?
5. What should I do with my current car ? Trade-in or Sell privately?




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